The medical marijuana program in Pennsylvania is tough for many people. It is because it’s a lengthy and complicated process, but with some patience and determination, you can get your card. This article will give you a few tips to help you get a PA medical marijuana card.

The following tips will help make the process as painless as possible:

Step 1: You’ll need to complete a certification form:

The first step to getting a medical card for marijuana is to complete your certification form. It can be done through the Department of Health, or it can be completed by your primary care physician (PCP). If you choose to go through your PCP, they will need:

  • Your name and date of birth
  • A photo ID with a current address on it (such as a driver’s licence)

Once all these pieces are collected from you and verified, they will fill out their portion of the certification form and submit it electronically or mail it back within 90 days of completing their portion.

Step 2: You’ll need two forms of ID:

You’ll need two forms of ID. One must have photos, such as a driver’s licence or passport. The other can be any form of government-issued identification (like a birth certificate), as long as it has your name and date of birth on it.

You’ll also need to provide proof of residency: an official document with your name and address on it, like a utility bill with both the applicant’s name and current address–no exceptions!

Step 3: You’ll submit your paperwork to the state:

The next step is mailing your paperwork to the state. You can send them by mail or drop them off at a local Pennsylvania Department of Health office. The mailing address for the state is:

  • Department of Health Main Office

Medical Marijuana Program (MMMP)

P.O. Box 2675, Harrisburg PA 17105-2675

It takes about two weeks for the state to process your application and mail you back an approval letter or rejection notice if you don’t qualify under any circumstances, including if you didn’t send all required documents with your online application form within 30 days after submitting it online.

Step 4: The state will confirm your information and send you back a temporary card:

Once you’ve completed the application, the state will confirm your information and send you back a temporary card. The temporary card is valid for up to 90 days while they process your permanent card, which will arrive in the mail after that period has passed.

The temporary card will look like this:

You can use this photo ID at any medical marijuana dispensary or delivery service in Pennsylvania until you receive your permanent card in the mail (or even if it never arrives). If for some reason you lose or damage your temporary ID before getting it replaced with a new one from the state of PA, contact them immediately so they can issue another one!

Step 5. After you get your temporary card, go ahead and fill out the application for your permanent card:

If you want to get your medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania, there’s one more step. You will need to fill out a second application and pay an additional $50 fee. This process is free; just visit the Pennsylvania Department of Health website again and follow the instructions on their page for applying for a permanent card.

Once you’ve completed that second application, it should take about 3 weeks for them to process everything and send out your permanent card in the mail (although it could take longer if they have any issues with either of your applications).

Step 6. Once approved, you can get your medical marijuana from a dispensary near you!

Once approved, you can get your medical marijuana card from a dispensary near you!

As soon as you are approved for medical marijuana use, you will be able to visit any of the dispensaries within Pennsylvania and purchase cannabis products that are right for your condition.


In the end line, PA medical marijuana card is one of the easiest ways to access medical marijuana in the state of Pennsylvania. The process is simple, and it doesn’t take much time at all! You only need to have a valid medical condition, be at least 18 years old, and fill out an application form. Once that’s done, you can get your medical marijuana card within 10 days!