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Protect your eyes from
light with one little vitamin
The One Bottle Promise
Blue light does a number on your eyes, making them dry, blurry and tired. Blue Guard boosts your eyes’ natural protection, helping you filter out that damaging blue light. And when you take it as directed, you’ll feel the difference in just one bottle—we promise.
"After 1 month of use, my close
up vision has improved so
that I can see without
my glasses."
-Patricia, Blue Guard supplement user
Tired, Achy Eyes
Dry Eyes
Blurry Vision
“Digital eye strain,” “computer vision syndrome,” “tired eyes”—the effects of blue light may go by different names, but 90% of digital users have experienced them. Have you noticed any of these symptoms?
Protecting Your
Eyes, Naturally
Lutein and zeaxanthin, the vision-boosting nutrients in Blue Guard, come from sustainably grown marigolds and are clinically proven to help defend your eyes against blue light.