The handheld Soberlink device is a small, handheld device that requires Verizon Cell Phone Service in order to download results immediately following testing. Soberlink integrates a professional-grade breathalyzer with wireless connectivity, giving parents from either side of the custody dispute the opportunity to test sobriety remotely and receive results immediately. Instead of penalizing parents alleged to be abusing alcohol, Soberlink’s alcohol-testing devices let parents prove they are sober seven days a week, or just at parenting time.

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According to these reviews of Soberlink, the company has helped a lot of people, and we are confident that it will help you too. We suggest giving this one a read to understand more about why Soberlink Alcohol Monitor Delivered has such many glowing customer reviews. Alternatively, it is also used extensively in family law cases (where one of the parents is alcoholic, and extra evidence is required) and compliance at work.

The Soberlink Alcohol Monitor Device integrates a breathalyzer technology with a cell phone. Soberlink is frequently used for recovery from addiction, family law, and workplace compliance. The device uses facial recognition technology to verify a user’s identity on every test. Soberlink pairs breath-abuse detection technology with a cell phone, which directly submits the breath-abuse results to a cloud-based website that is reviewed by the probation office.

Soberlink uses cutting-edge facial recognition technology to verify the identity of a person that is supposed to take each breath test. To perform tests, the specialized breathalyzer feeds a monitored clients alcohol level, along with identity verification, directly into Soberlink’s cloud-based management software in real-time. Facial recognition software is used as a security measure to ensure only a truthful individual is allowed to use Soberlink monitoring device reviews. Each test takes less than one minute, and using Soberlink is incredibly simple.

I can personally say I used the device every day for a year, and did not experience a single false positive. If the testing results are out of compliance, Soberlink devices display a message to prompt the customer to retest within 15 minutes. A professional supervisor may schedule an alternate alcohol test, such as an ETG, if there is a missed Soberlink test.

Monitoring Soberlink without a professional monitor requires communication between parties. Not every case using Soberlink requires a professional monitor and guide the monitoring process. When communication is lacking between parties, an attorney will sometimes step in to serve as monitor, receiving and responding to the results of Soberlink. When negotiating custody agreements, Soberlink clients can count on their devices for ongoing, effective alcohol monitoring.