Sadness is an appropriate and natural emotion. One thing as easy as a song playing on the radio might cause sudden grief for certain people. However, for some people, sad feelings linger and are difficult to pinpoint the cause of. They are powerless to stop it or change it. It brings about persistent emotions and thoughts. Numerous people lack energy, get disinterested in routine daily chores, and struggle to focus. These symptoms of depression are all present. In this current world, depression treatment is required for youngsters too. The following are a few common causes of depression:


You are more likely to experience depression if you have long-term or life-threatening ailments like cancer or coronary heart disease. Many individuals are unaware that head trauma can result in depression, and that a serious brain injury can create emotional issues and mood changes. Problems with the immunological system can lead to hypothyroidism. The thyroid is stimulated by this pea-sized gland, which is located at the base of the brain. Serious exhaustion and a lack of desire for sex are just a couple of the symptoms that can result from pituitary gland damage. These symptoms can lead to depression later on.

Genetic inheritance 

It might be shocking to believe but it is true. There are no known genes that cause depression specifically, but research has shown that having a close relative who has the disorder increases your chance of developing it yourself. While your DNA may be to blame, this connection may also be a result of the fact that as you grow up, you typically pick up behaviour and coping mechanisms from others around you. Depression treatment is a mandatory requirement for people who suffer because of this cause.

Failure sentiment

For some, their happiness may depend on attaining certain objectives, such as landing a specific job or locating a life mate. They may feel that they have failed in some way if, for whatever reason, they are unable to accomplish those goals, and this sense of failure is what can occasionally trigger or exacerbate depression. The people in this day and age are perfectly in line with this cause, particularly young people. Remember that failure is the stepping stone to victory and don’t get depression due to failures.

Drugs and alcohol

Some people turn to binge drinking or drug use as a coping mechanism when they are struggling with life. This may set off a downward spiral of depression. Although cannabis can make you feel relaxed, there is evidence that it can also make you depressed, especially in teenagers. Alcohol alters the chemical makeup of the brain, raising the likelihood of depression. Depression can even be brought on by loneliness. Therefore, you should never combine your drinking habit with your loneliness as this could be harmful to you.

Parting words: 

There are abundant theories on the sources of depression. It can vary greatly from person to person, and for some people, a confluence of various variables may be the root of their sadness. Some people may go for headache treatment but when they search for the root cause, depression will be there.