A healthy head of hair is vital for a good appearance and self-confidence. When your hairs begin to thin it can be stressful. But, there are several treatments to prevent hair loss and promote hair re-growth. Genetics and lifestyle can be the cause of hair loss in both men and women. Lifestyle causing hair loss includes diet, stress, and medication. You can treat and also prevent hair loss with the right care. Before getting into expensive medicines and operations, there are a few effective hair loss treatments. 


Minoxidil is a medical treatment that helps to get rid of hair loss. Minoxidil has many different concentration levels which can be chosen according to your convenience. Applying 5% minoxidil foam twice or thrice a day will give you effective results. It will help you reduce future hair loss and get rid of bald spots. 

Laser Treatments

Laser hair treatment is effective in the case of alopecia. This type of treatment is effective if taken before showing up of any visible signs. It is a 20-minute treatment session which is a safe and effective solution for hair fall. It nourishes the hair follicles, treats hair loss, revitalizes thinning, stimulates hair growth and helps to thicken existing hair. Also, it is safe and effective.

STM Cell Treatment

STM Cell Treatment reduces hair thinning and restores the hair follicles to their original size. The treatment does not contain any side effects and improves cellular growth by enhancing blood circulation. 

PRP Therapy

PRP therapy refers to platelet-rich plasma treatment, which is completely a new way of hair loss treatment. The treatment requires blood taken from the person’s vein to extract plasma with high levels of platelets by spinning it in a centrifuge. A strong mixture of growth factors is extracted and injected into the patient’s scalp bald areas. The superior factor about this treatment is that you can treat the person even with severe baldness. 


GroHair hair fall treatment is based on a 2003 Nobel Award-winning French discovery which helps to improve the volume of your hair. It works based on electroporation where the hair serums containing DHT inhibitors penetrate the scalp and stimulate hair growth, which is a painless procedure and has no side effects.


Homoeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic medicines provide an excellent long-term remedy in both male and female pattern baldness. It improves the body’s immune system stimulates healthy hair growth. It is not associated with any harmful chemicals that may affect your body and painless procedure. Homeopathic treatment for hair fall is cost-effective when compared with surgery and other alternatives. Thus, homeopathic treatments are more money-saving as well as time-saving than any other conventional methods. Other than the treatment you should concentrate on a protein-rich diet and follow a proper hair care routine to enhance your hair growth. If you want to know about an effective hair loss and hair re-growth treatment, then book an appointment with the best hair fall treatment clinic to discuss your problem and get effective treatment.