Do you know that there are over 700 kinds of cannabis? For people who are new to medical marijuana, having so many choices can be very confusing.

Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis (high in CBD) are the three types of cannabis. Most of the strains you’ll find at your local pharmacy are either sativa, indica, or a mix of the two. Do check out: Toronto Weed Delivery

It can help you initiate your search for the best strain if you know the distinction between indica, sativa, and hybrid.

What is Indica?

Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, and Turkey are home to Cannabis indica. These plants do very well in the dry, hard, and rough weather that can be found in the Hindu Kush mountains.

Indica types have big, leafy plants that are compact and stocky. Indica plants tend to make more buds and develop faster than sativa plants.

People who use indica usually want the very relaxing benefits of this strain. Medical marijuana users use indica for many reasons, such as to make them hungrier and lessen their pain and nausea.

Because it makes people feel so relaxed, many people think that indica is better for use at night. Many people think that indica strains are better for healing pain and inflammation.

What is sativa?

The cannabis sativa plant comes from Eastern Asia. However, you can also find it in Southeast Asia, Western Asia, Central America, and Africa. Dry, hot places with lots of sun throughout the day are great for this plant.

Tobacco plants have finger-shaped leaves, and the plants are tall and thin. In general, these plants take more to grow than cannabis indica, and they can get bigger than 12 feet.

People say that sativa gives them a “head high” or a “mind high.” This has the effect of lowering worry and boosting energy. Many people who use cannabis find that sativa strains make them feel creative and useful instead of sleepy and relaxed.

People often smoke sativa during the day because they think it makes them feel more alert.

A lot of people think that sativa strains are better for mental illnesses like sadness, anxiety, and PTSD.

What Does Hybrid Cannabis Mean?

Every year, cannabis growers make new strains of weed that are different from the rest. As a common practice, growers make strains with specific effects in mind by combining parent plants in new ways.

Most of the time, hybrid cannabis types are grown on farms or in greenhouses. There is no set way that hybrid plants should look; it is contingent upon which parent plants were used to make the hybrid strain.

Farmers and producers choose varieties based on the effects they have. This implies that the effects that are usually linked to cannabis can be very different based on the parent strains.

It’s possible for both new and experienced medical marijuana users to find a strain that works well for them. Hybrids are a good way for people who are new to the plant to get started. 

Kush strains and OG Kush are two of the most popular hybrid types of cannabis today. 

How do I choose the best strain for me? 

There are a few things you should think about when picking out the strain you want to try.

First, you should really think about what you want to achieve. Next, you should know how much you can tolerate.