Researchers are constantly testing, questioning and learning more about the role blue light plays in our eye health. Below is some of the information they have gathered in recent years.

Blue light in the news

The risks of blue light eye damage are being talked about around the world. From medical schools to national media, everyone is weighing in on the issue. Here are a few links where you can learn more.

Clinical studies

In a series of clinical studies, Lutemax® 2020, the active ingredient in Blue Guard, has been proven to improve eye health. Here is some of the research collected from these clinical studies.

University of Georgia - Blue Light Study: Vision Health
Macular carotenoid supplementation improves visual and physical outcomes related to high energy source exposure and electronic digital devices (July 2017)

Experimental Eye Research
Serum and retinal responses to three different doses of macular carotenoids over 12 weeks of supplementation (March 2016)

Eye and Vision
Macular carotenoid supplementation improves disability glare performance and dynamics of photostress recovery (2016)

Protective role of Lutein and Zeaxanthin isomers against high-energy blue light exposure: a need across all age groups (2013)

Press Release: Lutein and Zeaxanthin isomers demonstrate beneficial effects during exposure to blue light emitting digital screens says new publication (July 2017)